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  • Automatic diffusion furnace
    Features: diffusion furnaces used in semiconductor devices, discrete devices, opto-electronic devices, power electronics, and LSI manufacturing the chips are in the areas of diffusion, oxidation and annealing, sintered alloy and process that can be used to 2-8-inch dimension. ★ Chinese Windows interface, you can edit the parameters, convenient operation. ★ You can save multiple technological curves, each curve to set up multiple steps. ★ Technology for automatic operation control function. ★ Automatic running can pause/resume function. ★ Are forced to jump to the next process step in the process running function
  • Program-controlled diffusion furnace
    Product description: Diffusion furnace cater mostly to semiconductor power electronic device industry, high power integrated circuits and other industries, the processed wafer diffusion, oxidation, annealing, alloy technology. Mainly by diffusion furnace, gas furnace heating systems, control systems, ultra clean operating system and other components. Selection of industrial computer-controlled or programmed operation. Main technical index: ★ Handle wafer size: 2-8 inches ★ Type forms: horizontal 1-4 ★ tube structure working temperature: 200 c-1300 c ★ Heated length and accuracy: 200mm-1100mm ≤ ±
  • Solar diffusion furnace
    Operating temperature: 300~1200℃ Effective diameter determined according to the proliferation of users, can be customized Temperature area: 920mm-1350mm (can be customized according to user requirements) Temperature accuracy (static closed test): 600 ℃ < temperature < 1200 ℃ ± 0.5 ℃ 300 ℃ ≤ ≤ of working temperature 600 ℃ ± 1 ℃ Single-point temperature stability (static closed test): 600 ℃ < temperature < 1200 ℃ ± 0.5 ℃/24h
  • Chain-type welding furnace
    Mainly used in semiconductors: diodes, bridge rectifiers, integrated circuits, power electronic devices such as nitrogen, or hydrogen-nitrogen mixed gas protection welding, sealing, annealing and drying processes. And IC shell-and-tube air-tightness of metal packaging, glass containers and various parts of sintering in hydrogen nitrogen protection, carrying capacity, and the use of water, gas-electric converters control sensor alarm and over-temperature protection alarm function. YH-G series chain type furnace with automatic ignition device and water alarms, broken broken broken H2 N2 alarm, alarm, fire alarm, stop alarm, water alarm, alarm for the user to select Main
  • High-temperature vacuum sintering furnace
    Vacuum sintering furnaces are mainly used for power semiconductor devices, sintering, welding technology Device parameters: ★ Tube channels: 1-3 ★ Diameter: φ 100mm-350mm (user-defined) ★ work: share a heated body, pipe alternating a, b, c ¡Ï operating temperature: ★ temperature 300-1000 ℃ 400mm-1000mm ± 3 ℃ ★ Cold vacuum: 5 x 10-4Pa ★ vacuum systems: mechanical pumps ★ +K300 diffusion pump valve: 30
  • Diffusion furnace
    Product description: ★ High quality heating wire: KANTHAL'APM A-1 AF d and HRE ... ★ Insulation materials: PMF T2 T3 ... Crystal fibers ★ Insulator: high purity corundum ★ port transition ring: Zirconia Alumina, such as vacuum forming. ★ Temperature control: 3, 5, 9 temperature control applications: Semiconductor diffusion furnace heaters ★ ★ met 4 "-8" round Crystal diffusion furnace "★ complete products series ★ Import substitution
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