Welding furnace

Chain-type welding furnace

Chain-type welding furnace
Product Details:

Mainly used in semiconductors: diodes, bridge rectifiers, integrated circuits, power electronic devices such as nitrogen, or hydrogen-nitrogen mixed gas protection welding, sealing, annealing and drying processes. And IC shell-and-tube air-tightness of metal packaging, glass containers and various parts of sintering in hydrogen nitrogen protection, carrying capacity, and the use of water, gas-electric converters control sensor alarm and over-temperature protection alarm function. YH-G series chain type furnace with automatic ignition device and water alarms, broken broken broken H2 N2 alarm, alarm, fire alarm, stop alarm, water alarm, alarm for the user to select

Main technical index:

?? operating temperature: 200-1100 ℃ temperature control accuracy: ± 2 ℃; power: 20-100KW.

★ Furnace width dimension: 100mm-600mm (or according to customer's requirement)

★ Cooling water jacket: independent 2-3 water cover hydraulic pressure within 6KG.

★ Temperature control number: 3-12;

★ Heat up time: 90 minutes reach in excess of 1000 degrees Celsius.

★ Belt speed: adjustable 20-500mm/min

★ Process gases: H2, N2, Ar and other process gases

★ Control: Japan electric, Fuji, Schneider and other high precision controller, or touch screen control, industrial control systems such as micro-manage the ...

★ Company specialty: Yu hao company has a professional technical team offers a variety of semiconductor technology for diode bridge rectifier manufacturers to design production lines, as well as the arrangement of the entire process, plant design project ...

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