Vacuum oven

Vacuum oven

Abstract: Vacuum oven
Product Details:

Equipment characteristics:

1, a cuboid Studios, using the maximum volume.

2, advanced tank design to ensure long-term use of tank shape.

3, high-strength tempered glass doors and sealing, observe the indoor objects is very convenient.

4, vacuum pumps, integrated design, power can be used, is very convenient.

5, special seal design, can withstand high temperature and long running.

6, unique way of surface heating, warming up fast, weld sample heating step.

7, have abandoned emission, welding oil collecting intimate details.

Product requirements:

1, equipment display space requirements:

Ambient temperature: display sites should be well ventilated, the ambient temperature within the 0~30℃.

Space required: flat, vibration-free around the device placed, without direct exposure to sunlight or other direct heat radiation.

Air quality: no high concentrations of dust and corrosive gases, and cannot be test in flammable gas and storage.

Relative humidity: less than 85%R.H

2, location: for ventilation and easy operation, maintenance, equipment should be left the door open door free space of a normal switch.

3, equipment supply: meet the power requirements of the corresponding type.

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