Diffusion furnace

Vertical diffusion furnace

Vertical diffusion furnace
Product Details:

This equipment is mainly used in integrated circuits, discrete semiconductor fusion welding, electric and electronic devices for the production, proliferation, sintering, annealing and heat treatment operations.

Main technical index:
Type: vertical, wall, central heating, Bell lifting, screw the upper and lower transmission, automatic lift feed, vacuum chamber with a workpiece support

Wafer size: 2-8 inches

Temperature area: 400-800mm

Working temperature: 400-1250 °

Temperature control accuracy: ± 1 degree

Work space: high 700mm ¢ 350*, (this size can be produced according to the technical requirements)

Vacuum unit: 2x-8 mechanical pump + Turbo-molecular pump (or diffusion pump)

Vacuum: vacuum 5*10-4 limit.

Process gas: N2/H2/Ar/O2 (according to process requirement option);

Pressure: 0.02-0.2mpa

Cooling water: pressure 0.2-0.4MPa

Power supply voltage: 380V power: 22KW


Chinese Windows interface, you can edit the parameters, convenient operation.
★ You can save multiple technological curves, each curve to set up multiple steps.
★ Technology for automatic operation control function.
★ Automatic running can pause/resume function.
★ Are forced to jump to the next process step in the process running function.
★ Intelligent temperature slope function.
★ PID parameters auto-tuning function.
Fault detection and alarm system.
★ Run after power failure the breakpoint function.
★ Process gas process control functions (solenoid valves/mass flow controller).
★ You can increase or decrease according to users ' special requirements or develop the corresponding function.

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