-Chain sintering furnace

-Chain sintering furnace

Abstract: -Chain sintering furnace
Product Details:

Equipment usage:

For semiconductor device of sintering, welding, drying, shell-and-tube air-tight packaging.

Chain (band) features type sintering furnace

This equipment for atmosphere furnace, such as hydrogen, nitrogen, argon protective atmosphere.

Devices with continuous work to ensure production efficiency.

The unique combination of the air curtain to ensure furnace and air.

Temperature control the temperature, to adjust the technology curve.

Speed stepless adjustable chain belt.

According to user requirements can be equipped with a humidifier

Chain (band) type sintering furnace technical specifications

Bandwidth 90~350mm

Furnace height 100~200mm

Furnace width 100~370mm

Cooling section 1000~6000mm

Temperature range 300~1050℃

Isothermal Chang 600~1500mm

Control accuracy ± 2 ℃

Control number 4~10

Speed 20~500mm/min

Warming up time of 90~240min

Heating power 20~120KVA

Nitrogen gas 3~5 road 0~100L/min

1 hydrogen 0~80L/min

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