Diffusion furnace

Automatic diffusion furnace

Abstract: Automatic diffusion furnace
Product Details:

Diffusion furnace applied to semiconductor devices, discrete devices, opto-electronic devices, power electronics, and LSI manufacturing the chips are in the areas of diffusion, oxidation and annealing, sintered alloy and process that can be used to 2-8-inch dimension.
★ Chinese Windows interface, you can edit the parameters, convenient operation.
★ You can save multiple technological curves, each curve to set up multiple steps.
★ Technology for automatic operation control function.
★ Automatic running can pause/resume function.
★ Are forced to jump to the next process step in the process running function.
★ Intelligent temperature slope function.
★ PID parameters auto-tuning function.
Fault detection and alarm system.
★ Intelligent cantilever push-pull boat control function.
★ Run after power failure the breakpoint function.
★ Process gas process control functions (solenoid valves/mass flow controller).
★ You can increase or decrease according to users ' special requirements or develop the corresponding function.

Main technical index:
★ Furnace tube diameter: ¢ 90~ ¢ 300 (2 inches ~8 inches)
★ Heated length and accuracy: ≤ ± 0.5 1250mm (300 ?? ~1290 ??)
★ Temperature control instrument: imported high-precision temperature controller
★ Air supply way: the main 1~4 road
★ Gas: N2, H2, O2, such as HCL
★ Air supply control: MFC and rotameter
★ Push-pull a boat trip: Max 2000mm
★ Push-pull the boat speed and accuracy: (20~1000) ± 2mm/min
★ Push and pull a boat way: simple, cantilever, SiC Silicon paddle
★ Cooling manner: water + wind cooling
★ IPC: IPC-control
Equipment characteristics :
With multiple technological curves, called convenient; operation, with blackouts and memory function touch computer interface, convenient operation with over-temperature protection.

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