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Fall 2009 CEF Shanghai (74th) China Electronics Show

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Qingdao Yuhao Microelectronics Equipment Co., Ltd. participated in the fall of 2009 CEF Shanghai (74th) China Electronics Show
And 2009 (AEES) Asia Electronics Fair Time: November 11 - 13, 2009 Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center CEF, the only access to the People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology fully support the state-level electronics Exhibition Organizer: China Electronic Equipment Corporation Sponsor: CLP Exhibition and Information Communication Co., Ltd. Co-organizer: Hong Kong Trade Development Council Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Industry Association Korea Electronics Industry Promotion Association Japan Electronics Show Association China Electronic Components Industry Association China Electronics Instrument Industry Association Shanghai Electronics Manufacturing Industry Association China Semiconductor Industry Association China Optoelectronics Industry Association Optoelectronic Devices Branch China Optical Society Laser Processing Professional Committee China Vacuum Electronics Industry Association China Video Industry Association China Electronic Quality Management Association China Electronics Equipment Industry Association Exhibition Theme: Information technology to promote industrialization and electronic technology to promote industrial upgrading Exhibition area: 60,000 square meters Exhibitors: more than 2,200 (expected) to the audience: more than 60,000 people (expected) China Electronics Show (CEF) - China Electronics First Exhibition Authoritative comprehensive professional electronics exhibition. China Electronics Show began in 1964, is China's oldest and most authoritative electronics industry exhibition. China Electronics Show to lead the basic electronic technology to promote China's electronics industry independent innovation, and China's electronics industry to grow together. Perfect strategic layout. China Electronics Show Spring and Autumn and Autumn season with the layout of South China - Midwest - East China, the annual exhibition scale reached 150,000 square meters, serving 3C, industrial and defense applications, to help you expand the Chinese market, to win more business opportunities. A high degree of international influence. China Electronics Show (CEF) is one of the five members of the Asia Electronics Show Alliance (AEECC), with the Japan Electronics Show (CEATEC JAPAN), Korea Electronics Show (KES), Taiwan Electronics Show (Taitronics), Hong Kong Electronics Fair (HK Electronics Fair) And known as the five largest electronics show in Asia. The mutual cooperation among members greatly improves the influence of CEF in the international arena.
You will benefit from the 74th China Electronics Show:
◆ Shanghai is China's largest economic center city, is also an internationally renowned port city, in China's economic development has a very important leading position. China's "economic growth pole and the engine," said the Yangtze River Delta region, the current capital-intensive, technology-intensive characteristics of the electronic information industry has developed into Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces and cities a new pillar industry. This region through the industrial upgrading, and the Pearl River Delta, the Bohai Bay region has grown into one of China's three major information industry base, and become the world's IT manufacturing industry, a major investment area.
◆ Shanghai as the center of the Yangtze River Delta to improve the electronic information industry as the basis, formed a strong IT machine manufacturing, electrical appliances, automobile manufacturing, industrial instrumentation, lighting appliances, energy and other advantages of the application industry, is well-known international R & D and design The focus of the center settled in the base, the selection of electronic products and supporting a strong demand.
◆ contact with the Greater China region, especially in the East China region's most influential industry and the final decision-making business users;
◆ access to a wide range of high-density strong publicity, expand more business opportunities;
◆ contact large and medium-sized enterprises and research institutes in the Greater China region, including those from information technology / communication technology, consumer electronics, mechanical engineering / industrial control and other industries;
◆ with domestic and foreign industry leader in the same industry showcase, learn from the technology;
◆ through the authority of the forum to publish or listen to industry-oriented, market trends, cutting-edge technology and other hot topics, sharing experience;
◆ get more sales inquiries, and in the Greater China region, especially in East China to flourish the development of electronic market business development base. We will invite you strength buyers:
◆ CEF held more than 40 years to accumulate a huge professional buyers database, the audience invited targeted.
◆ unique buyers organization channels: the central ministries of the organization of the central demand side, overseas cooperation organizations organized by international buyers. At present, a large number of professional visitors from aviation, aerospace, post and telecommunications, communications, radio and television, shipbuilding, meteorology, automobile, nuclear industry, weapons and other fields will visit the exhibition ... ... Exhibits: electronic materials and production equipment, electronic components, Circuit, electronic equipment, electronic special equipment, transformers, connectors, power supply batteries, power modules, special components, electrical equipment, optical devices, photoelectric display, microwave devices, micro-motors, inductors, cables, adapters, circuit breakers, instrumentation, Mobile phones and components, security electronics, IT digital communications, optoelectronic devices, IC, LED / LCD, new sensor technology, lightning protection, anti-static, electronic infrastructure equipment, small appliances, IT, wired / wireless communication systems, Terminals, electronic measuring instruments and industrial automatic test system. Exhibition Hall: W1: Asia Electronics Show (AEES 2009) W2 Hall: Photoelectric exhibition area, semiconductor exhibition area, CEF international exhibition area W3 hall: instrumentation exhibition area, electronic tool exhibition area, power battery exhibition area, transformer exhibition area W4 hall: electronic equipment exhibition area , Components hundred exhibition area, connector / relay / switch exhibition, security electronics exhibition, special components exhibition W5 Hall: Integrated Components Museum

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