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Elimination of obsolete equipment to speed up energy saving and emission reduction

编辑:Qingdao Yu hao microelectronics equipment co  时间:2016-02-02

Heat treatment industry is energy, energy consumption and emissions from factories and eating away at the beauty of our home--Earth, causing serious environmental pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, damaging heat treatment the health of the residents near the plant life, but also to the survival of future generations environment poses a great threat.
In view of the current situation, energy conservation, consumption reduction and emission reduction are hardened and all consuming the urgent problem. China's online reporter heat treatment now saving metal processing status, existing problems and how to solve these issues interview with heat treatment industry in Baoding City Association, Association General Secretary Wen Xinlin, Professor.

China metalworking online reporter (hereinafter referred to as reporter): heat treatment industry in China has now started a conscious of energy saving and emission reduction, could you briefly talk about the present situation of heat treatment energy saving and emission reduction.

Wen Xinlin: 2006, 2007 United States issued United States strategic roadmap of heat treatment industry, one is in the heat treatment industry after a number of years to achieve zero pollution. This shows that the United States heat treatment Association and the Government attached great importance to energy saving and emission reduction. Then we heat treatment industry throughout the country the last two or three years, China society, the national heat treatment industry associations, and provincial and municipal heat treatment Association, associations and professional committees have started to attach importance to treatment of pollution problems, have repeatedly discussed.

Since 1978 China heat treatment five years ago almost no progress, even going into reverse. National development and Reform Commission in nearly five years, the Federation of mechanical engineering began to pay attention to the heat treatment industry, advanced processing equipment, such as vacuum furnace, mesh belt furnace and so on, and all sorts of advanced quenching medium and begin running in large laboratories and factories and enterprises tentative. But due to the heat treatment workers there are quite a few conservatives, obsolete, not bold with these so-called water base quenching medium, mentioned first is alloy steel oil quenched carbon steel quenched with water, is very slow to accept the new things.

Now every city has small machinery manufacturing plant, in accordance with the past every little factory heat treatment shop. Since reform and opening up, the heat treatment shop mostly have been disbanded. Heat treatment workshop following the collapse of State-owned enterprises, ideal have foreseeable scientific workers to start their own heat treatment engineering. However, due to limited the power of the individual, some new and some used their device a trim. Such devices will lead to quality parts are generally not particularly sophisticated, environmental protection, public sanitation, waste a lot of electricity, coal, and oil.

Now each of the city's State-owned enterprises to retain their heat treatment shop has very few, most of them are self-employed, township enterprises, are minor in nature, is bad for the heat treatment quality. Individual joint ventures, especially help highlights of Government support, engineering, and in recent years have invested heavily in the heat. Now I would say that heat treatment conditions are currently three blocks, one is the State-owned enterprises to retain part of the heat treatment shop, obsolete equipment, outmoded; self-employed in spite of advanced ideas, but due to limited funds, buy advanced equipment, joint venture, Government-backed companies might invest some money in the heat of the highlights, and significantly improved the quality of heat treatment.

Reporter: in your opinion, what are the main problems of the current heat treatment energy saving and emission reduction? How to solve these problems?

Wen Xinlin: heat treatment industry at present the main problem is that the heat treatment of small factories with outdated equipment, managers thought obsolete, enterprises do not have sufficient funds to update the newly developed state of the art equipment.

To wants to solution these problem, most fundamental of is to put those behind of, and pollution serious energy big of heat treatment equipment all scrap off, forced heat treatment factory replaced new of equipment, environmental of equipment, energy-saving of equipment, clean of equipment; concept update, using new of quenching media, water, and air, and oil and water-soluble media began alternating using, the with what with what, such we of energy-saving emissions on can up.

Recently Premier Wen Jiabao said the country's energy saving and emission reduction is not compliance, Government commitments in recent years to reach, may also include heat treatment. Must be forced out those behind the stove, and put on new equipment. Otherwise the stove burning 24 hours a day, the more burning waste more, it will cause a lot of pollution.

Reporter: heat treatment industry in China at present situation and problem of how you think to achieve energy-saving emission reduction business should be conducted?

Wen Xinlin: also referred to the main problems of heat treatment industry, specifically for the industry now most needs to do is eliminate backward equipment, the introduction of new energy-efficient equipment, staff learning advanced technology and training high-tech talents, strengthen enterprise management, so that a virtuous circle.

Reporter: problems of heat treatment industry in China is still very serious, in order to realize energy saving and emission reduction, pollution also needs to do a lot of work and effort in all aspects, and industry associations and societies will take effective measures to help enterprises of heat treatment energy saving and emission reduction?

Wen Xinlin: industry associations and societies are not supported by the Government, they have no pay no financial resources, their activities are also taken from the civilian to the people. As early as 1970 mechanical engineering society back to cities before and after heat treatment of sub-fund, but none of those funds since the reform and opening up. Now each heat treatment Association, the society of the city there is no administration, that is, China heat treatment Association, learn to set up a meeting, from the economic and administrative terms are not binding. Directives of the Association or society enterprises can also be listened to, enterprise was pleased to attend the meeting, upset might not even factory doors to let in. So now by association or society's strength is not achieve heat treatment energy saving and emission reduction. Must be Government, the national development and Reform Commission to take the lead, invest a certain amount of money, plus the administrative guidance and control, industry associations and societies to assist implementation by heat treatment.

If there are administrative and economic support from the Government, associations and societies will take the following measures to promote energy-saving emission reduction:

Technicians, experts, associations and societies to the factory inspection indicators reached indicators allow the factory opened up to suspend production for rectification. Just as the environmental protection agency, the water flow out of the factory after they measured if acidity, pollutants are not qualified forced its closing, to stop production, purchase of new equipment, to the exclusion of wastewater to achieve targets. Renovation of heat treatment industry, must learn from environmental protection departments, the Government forced the command, otherwise could not control.

Second, the associations and societies organized a number of training courses, introductions in benefits introduction benefits of new quench medium. Or run some popular science books, new equipment, new technology, and so on are compared with the old equipment, old technology, new device technology was good, new equipment to process number of years how much can you save energy, save money, let them know that advocates now these are the generations of responsible behaviour.

Third, strengthen heat treatment produce energy consumption assessment standards developed, establish a standard of heat treatment equipment energy consumption standards and acceptance criteria. Everyone there is good theoretical basis in the actual production.

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