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China PV equipment entail? Domestic production situation?

编辑:Qingdao Yu hao microelectronics equipment co  时间:2016-02-02

An inexhaustible, not renewable; does not cause any pressure on the environment, so that everyone can affordable renewable energy which solar energy is our future world. Yu hao since more than 10 years the company has been active in semiconductor equipment manufacturing and solar photovoltaic industry has, this company has become a leading supplier of technology and equipment

Yu hao is China's micro-electronics equipment manufacturer designated China semiconductor equipment industry association, renowned at home and abroad, for the national 863 project, as well as with foreign equipment gap: diffusion furnace, sintering furnace received strong support and assistance of experts at home and abroad, completely replace the imported equipment for semiconductor devices and solar photovoltaic industries make a significant contribution to

Yu hao company's semiconductor process equipment to cover one or two, three generations of semiconductor materials, wafer, sintering, and gallium arsenide, gallium nitride

Finishing company in 2007, by GB/T19001-200 (ISO9001:2000) quality management system certification, as well as Qingdao contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise

Yu hao companies have always insisted: quality is the life, integrity is fundamental to development, continuous change and innovation is the development and future of Yu hao

Each step forward is meaningful

We will always stand at the forefront of technology with you ...

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