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The development of new energy should also act according to law

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In 2005, when I heard a solar company to build factories in the vicinity, Li Chengxuan their village also celebrated some. This poor village in Luoyang, Henan Province, hopes that new neighbors will drive local economic development. But now, in contrast to the shiny white office building of the company, the nearby village is still desolate. About nine months ago, the villagers found their crops up and down a layer of white powder and began to wither.
Rising oil prices forced people to focus on looking for alternative energy, and the new energy industry is to meet this urgent needs. Particularly noteworthy is: the Government has repeatedly introduced policies to support the development of China's new energy, especially in the party's last year's seventeenth Congress, it is clear that to vigorously develop renewable energy. Renewable energy such as ethanol, biodiesel and solar energy can reduce the world's dependence on oil, so investors invest billions of dollars a year on renewable energy. I believe that in the policy tilt, solar energy, wind energy, biomass and other new energy industrialization scale will continue to expand, with the advantages of scale and resource advantages of new energy companies will have more room for development. Can be expected, contains a huge wealth of new energy industry is about to show high growth. According to China's development plan estimates, the renewable energy industry in the next 15 years will cultivate nearly two trillion yuan of emerging markets. The face of a vast potential market, the future development of new energy industry is undoubtedly a smooth way.
However, the development of these alternative energy sources may have some unexpected consequences - these side effects can even offset the benefits they can bring. Li Chengxuan village where the situation is a living case. Li Chengxuan for the first time to see the nearby factory truck pulled garbage to open to their village, he can not believe the scene: the truck in the corn field and primary school playground to stop, a bucket of floating white foam was dumped on the ground , The truck went straight away. Gengrang the crop can not believe that as a source of pollution in Luoyang, a high-tech company turned out to be a green energy company, the production of polysilicon is used in the worldwide sales of a new energy - solar panels. For several months, this scene took place almost every day. The village's encounter, directed at the global efforts to solve the traditional petrochemical energy shortage of fuel brought about by the environmental problems: the destruction of forest cultivation of bio-fuels, but the disappearance of large areas of forests will lead to climate change; the construction of dams to replace the thermal power plant, But this will damage the watershed aquatic ecosystem. In short, if the development of new energy, but not in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act, the same will lead to potential environmental crisis.
Data show: a serious shortage of polysilicon materials in the world over the past five years, its price rose from 20 dollars per kilogram to 300 US dollars. Chinese companies are eager to fill this gap. As a result of a large number of venture capital, coupled with eager to find clean alternative energy sources provided by the government's generous conditions, more than 20 polysilicon production enterprises began to build factories in China. The total production capacity of these new plants is expected to reach 80,000 to 100,000 tons, almost twice the current global production. While the production of polysilicon by-product - silicon tetrachloride - is a highly toxic substance. Experts say the land used to dump or bury silicon tetrachloride will become a barren land, and grass and trees will not grow here, potentially potentially dangerous. It is not only toxic, but also pollute the environment. In addition to this, the silicon battery before the process involves diffusion furnace, if not equipped with environmental protection facilities, acid and alkaline gas will be directly discharged into the air. As industry experts have pointed out, no matter what business, as long as the production must be clean production, protect the environment. Must not because the state encourages new energy companies to ignore the investment in environmental protection, any business must act in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act.
Therefore, the author expects the local government departments to strengthen environmental management to make efforts, not only to grasp the industrial structure adjustment and technological innovation, but also to grasp the environmental law enforcement; not only to effectively shut down those polluting enterprises, Involved in the development of new energy enterprises should be treated equally, strict checks, their pollution can not be left to the act. To thoroughly clean up the local "soil policy", and to strengthen environmental supervision, the environmental violations of the responsible person to be held criminally responsible. Only in the actual work of the implementation of the central environmental protection policies and laws and regulations, in order to continue to promote resource-saving and environment-friendly society in the process of construction in order to achieve sound and rapid economic and social development.
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At present, China's small hydropower, wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy utilization as the representative of the use of renewable energy is not big enough. From the current development of renewable energy and the national development of the planning objectives, by 2020, this ratio is likely to increase to 15%. If the country in the law and supporting policies and scientific and technological measures to give strong support in the next few decades, China's renewable energy industry can also be greater development.

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