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Vacuum furnace Development next year will return to the 15%

编辑:Qingdao Yu hao microelectronics equipment co  时间:2016-02-02

China vacuum furnace industry Federation recently predicted that vacuum furnace industry production and sales growth for the year will be above 30% levels have a greater decline than last year, but still can reach about 20% next year industry-wide running time from nearly two years of sustained and rapid economic growth the development speed of about 15% return to normal year. Under the guidance of the State's macroeconomic control, is expected this year and next will speed development of petroleum and chemical industry equipment manufacturing industry.

Industry will continue to "uneven"

The focal point in the structural adjustment of the macro-control. In the vacuum furnace industry, some industry by a cool effect, but some areas to speed up development opportunities. Specifically, it will continue to "hot" industry machinery, General petrochemical, machine tools, electrical appliances and other industries, and vacuum furnace engineering, automobile and other industries, there is no out of "cold" signs.

In farm machinery industry, with national support "three agricultural" policy of implementation, this year agricultural harvest hand, farmers income bullish, especially national and provinces purchase farm machinery special subsidies paragraph of implementation, makes new a round "farm machinery hot" will will appeared; medium horsepower tractor, especially 60 horsepower above tractor this year has been hot, to July has production has more than 50,000 more than Taiwan, market Shang remains supply; wheat combine from June began, with national purchased machine subsidies paragraph of issued, rice combine market appeared "hot" situation , Full feeding rice combine production and sales this year are expected to exceed 20,000, more than doubling last year. Rice transplanter agricultural machinery will also become a new bright spot.

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